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children's park

No one is too small to climb!
Children will find an almost 10 meter long climbing wall with included slide.

clip & climb

Clip & Climb offers climbing as fun. Different, unique climbing elements, the so-called "challenges" stimulate different senses at the same time through their design and offer climbing fun from the age of 4, regardless of climbing level.

The safety of our climbers is our top priority. That is why we offer all our "challenges" in the Clip 'n Climb area equipped with a self-belay device. Clip & Climb is a fun activity that helps you stay fit and active. Climbing has many benefits for the physical and mental health of people of all ages. Not only is it a fun way to stay active, but it's also a great way to spend time with the family.

Our range of "challenges" corresponds to a choice of difficulty, accessibility and fun factor. You can start climbing with us as a beginner or as an experienced climber. You can challenge yourself to climb new heights and test your speed.

Leap of faith

After reaching the platform, there is only one thing left for you to do: jump and hold on to the punching bag. Do you dare?

Stairway to heaven

Test your nerves and balance - this obstacle is tackled without hands, moving forward calmly to avoid falling.


Nine huge balls, which gently lie on top of each other. Here at the same time three climbers with different levels of difficulty can climb to a height of more than 6 meters.


The demanding climbing wall is a real challenge. The first level is accessible to all climbers, but in the ascent it becomes more difficult the higher you get.

Face to Face

The see-through climbing wall with handles bolted to both sides allows you to watch your opponent climb, or go head-to-head.


Do you know the Ninja Warrior shows in which the athletes overcome various obstacles? They put their athletic skills to the test and now you can do the same with us! Find out here which obstacles you can find in our park.

From 14 years old


Our two indoor tennis courts allow you to play tennis all year round in a pleasant environment. Thanks to good insulation, new ventilation and new lighting, you can train in constant conditions. Contact us to make a booking.

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We offer you a variety of climbing opportunities,
from beginner to professional.

Boulder block

With us you train like the pros. You can improve your skills on the bouldering wall, which was developed for the Climbing World Championships 2023 in Bern. Together with our partner EP we have assembled the 20m long and 4.5m high wall. The wall, named TITAN, is a reference for future competitions organized by the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing).    

Clift block

Choose the routes yourself and the wall adapts to you. Via the built-in tablet you choose a route and then the luminous LEDs show you the way up. Each of the 210 grips is equipped with a light and a sensor, the system registers your movement. This allows you to analyze your performance and improve your technique.  

Rope wall

Our classic climbing wall offers a climbing area of 250m2. The 27 routes go with a maximum overhang of 3.65m to a height of 9.35m. They are equipped with 5 fully automatic rope belays and 2 times the Clift system has been integrated. Our wall of lights offers endless possibilities, integrated games and performance measurement functions ensure that every climb is unique. Challenge yourself or compete with your friends!