Spa rules

- The facility may only be entered with bathing shoes or sandals.
- Swimsuits or bikinis for women and skimpy swimming trunks for men are permitted.
- Bath towels are obligatory and must be used as a seat base in every facility. Bath towels can be purchased at reception.
- You must shower before entering each facility.
- The SPA area is a quiet area where peace and quiet is highly valued. Noise, shouting or other disturbance of the peace and quiet is prohibited. Cell phones are not permitted.
- Young people under the age of 16 may only enter the SPA area if accompanied by their parents.
- The maximum length of stay per entry is limited to 3 hours.
- The use of all facilities is at your own risk.

It is recommended that you consult your family doctor beforehand to ensure that you can use the facilities.

We ask all SPA customers to point out persons who violate these rules and to report violations to the reception.
WYN Skillpark reserves the right to set time and space restrictions, especially for cleaning work.

A refund of the membership fee is excluded in this case.

Subject to change.