About us


Debora Cina


Born in 2000, she is always on the lookout for new challenges. That's why she decided to study business administration at the Team Academy, an innovative Finnish education system based on project-based learning. At WYN, she is responsible for organizational tasks. In her free time, she is often drawn to the mountains, whether for hiking, skiing or cycling.

Jerome piguet


Jérôme loves the mountains and moved to Valais in 2023 to be close to his favorite terrain, where he mountain bikes (former downhill racer), climbs and skis. He studied Visual Communication and Business Administration at the HES-SO and is responsible for product development and graphics at WYN.

Aurelie pham


Aurélie, a passionate IT troubleshooter, began her career as a supply chain manager after earning a bachelor's and master's degree in administration. She later switched to computer programming. After ten years in Canada, she returned to Switzerland to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Valais, always accompanied by her faithful four-legged friend Choubaka.


Lionel Bonvin


Lionel was born in Sion in 1981. He has always been drawn to nature, sport and teaching. He discovered climbing at the age of 15 and has been teaching it in different environments for nine years now. Climbing is a passion that allows him to surpass himself, discover beautiful landscapes, connect with nature and share emotions with his rope companions.

Yoann matuzak


Yoann, 39, has been a tennis coach for 25 years. He teaches at the Veyras tennis club and at Les Îles in Sion for the Valais squads and is also responsible for the U10 competitions. His level and experience allow him to train all age groups, from beginners to experienced competitors.